List of 230 Symphony Mobiles in total

Symphony, a distinguished Bangladeshi marque, specializes in the creation of Android smartphones, feature phones, and Android tablets. Incepted by Edison Group in 2008, Symphony initially produced devices in China for over a decade before transitioning to local assembly in September 2018. Now, they import components from China and construct their products within Bangladesh. Symphony, celebrated as the people's brand, swiftly ascended to prominence, becoming the leading mobile phone brand in Bangladesh within four years. They gained popularity during the advent of 3G internet and Android technology, offering an alluring blend of affordability, quality construction, dependable service, and practical features. Symphony's primary market is low-budget feature phones and Android smartphones priced between 3,000 to 15,000 Tk. The brand maintains an extensive network of showrooms, service points, and authorized dealers across Bangladesh, ensuring widespread accessibility. Initially, Symphony focused on economically priced feature phones. In 2008, the Android smartphone market in Bangladesh was nascent, hindered by sluggish GPRS mobile internet. The first generation of smartphones was dominated by internationally acclaimed brands such as Nokia, Samsung, and Apple. Symphony carved its niche by providing accessible and reliable mobile technology to the masses, a testament to its enduring success and widespread appeal.